Remarkable Ruth – How to Win 4 Toastmaster Awards in 5 months

Watch this video NOW to learn more about the secrets of one of my students, Ruth Gonzales.

She is a record breaker winning 4 awards in 5 months in the Toastmaster’s humorous speech category.

Despite being a newbie, she already competed at the  DTAC level, a dream for every toastmasters.

Big KUDOS, credits to Oliver Estolas of Burn Productions for this amazing recording:)

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Read more to Learn about Ruth’s story

As a young child, I always look up to my father as he paved his way on stage delivering his speeches. He used to be a Toastmaster before and has always been invited to be the guest speaker in different organizations and clubs. Igrew up and swore to myself that I will be like him someday. The only problem is that, I have stage fright (in which nobody believes). I have always visualize myself on a big stage entertaining my audience even from before but does not have the courage to do so.

What motivated me to do my best and prove to the world that I have what it takes to be a winner is because I was rejected and bullied. It was not an easy journey because some people think of me as the lady who comes from the South and does not know anything in life. They think they are above me in a lot of ways because they grew up in the city. Those harsh words and mocking stares that I encountered honed me to do better and never stop dreaming.

Fast forward, my closest friends know me as the bubbly and energetic individual who loves to talk and jokes around. Some of them invited me to host their parties and since I cannot say “NO” to them, I terrorized myself in being the best emcee as I could be. I think I did great as everyone was praising me with my funny antics and everyone was smiling after they left the party.

Last November 2015, I was invited to attend the Digerati Toastmasters Club during one of their business meetings.

I was a guest and when the meeting started, I was actually amazed on how confident and how brilliant the speakers were. I said to myself, if they can do it, I can do it as well. December 2015, I joined the club. I was even asked to do my 1 st speech ever, the Ice Breaker or Get to Know Me. I have never been so nervous.

This was the first time I had to give a speech without reading any script. There were 4 clubs who were present that time because it was also the Toastmasters Joint Christmas Party. It was the first time where I have delivered a speech with a maximum of 40+ audience. I even wanted to run away when I realized that these 40+ guests would be listening to me. I was never a quitter so it was now or never. I somehow managed to have a very nice evaluation and feedback on my speech and I have never felt so proud of myself. I was not the best speaker but I practically enjoyed that moment.

After that speech, one of the Execom Officers of Digerati Toastmasters Club asked me if I could join the annual speech competition for humorous category. Innocently, I said yes without knowing how huge this competition would be. I thought it was the same as the club meetings that we have. In short, I was the champion for the humorous speech contest in our club. I was still completely unaware of everything until I was the declared champion again during the Area Level, and became the 1 st runner up during the Division Level. The Champion for Humurous could not make it so I was the one who represented the District Toastmasters Annual Conference (DTAC) which was held on May 26-28, 2016 in Abu Dhabi. I competed with the other GCC Countries. I placed 2nd runner up during semi-finals and eventually qualified for the finals. We were 16 hopeful humorous speakers and only 6 of us went up to the finals. To be on the DTAC stage is already an achievement. I might not have placed during the finals but the long journey that I had during the entire competition makes me a winner already.

I already won 4 awards from my 5 months journey in Toastmasters. I am blessed and thankful because I amsurrounded with special people who molded and mentored me to just enjoy those moments that I was on stage. Ilearned that in life, whether you are surrounded by negativity, try not to be affected and be just the person you are right now. A person who can inspire and gave a new meaning of courage to face whatever fears you have.

Maybe some of you are wondering how I did it. First, I pray. Second, I set my mind. Third, I visualize. Fourth, I believe in myself. Fifth, I stay focus and humble.

That young child who dream of becoming somebody proved to the world that despite the failures, rejections, and bullying, she surpassed and continues to face the daily challenges in life.

My name is Ruth Gonzales. This is my story. My Life.


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