Board Examiner’s Guide (Full Package): Extraordinary Guide to Pass any Board Exam Using Simple Mind Strategies

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Attention: Aspiring Board Passers

“Who Else Wants To Pass the Board Examination?”

If you dream of being a top notcher in your incoming board exam…


If you just want to pass that board exam, then you are on the right place.

In fact, this could be a “life changing experience” for you, because…

I’m About To Reveal 4 of the “Secret-Methods” To Use Your Mind Power So You Can Pass Your Board Examination …

Here’s What I’ve Got For You Today

I call it…

“Board Examiner’s Guide: Extraordinary Guide to Pass any Board Exam Using Simple Mind Strategies”

It’s a quick 25-page PDF, and it’s broken down into four parts…

Each part has concepts and stories that are true, simple, practical and proven useful.

Basically, the idea is to help you understand and apply the concepts in the simplest way and give you stories of real people to inspire and learn from.

The level of detail and the amount of information you’re getting here is exceptional because I took everything I know and summarized what I learned from my students and put it in this material so you can find it easy to use and quick to implement in your own way!

But before you go any further,  I want you to stop for a moment and imagine…

What would it be like when you finally pass the board exam?What would that look like? What will you hear?  What will you feel?

Feels amazing right?

How about seeing your family and loved ones celebrating with you when you pass your board exams?

Would you like that?

Think about how your life would change when you  pass that board exam.

Now, at this point you may be thinking something along the lines of…

“This all sounds great Wanda… But what makes you think you can help me pass the board exams? What exactly are your qualifications?”

Why Should You Listen To Me?

It’s a fair question.

And the simple answer is that because I fully understand the level of stress you are into now because I have been there!

Reviewing for the board exam is one of the most stressful event in someone’s life.

I know because I took the board exams for accountancy 17 years ago but the amount of stress, bucket of tears I cried, number of sleepless nights, torture while waiting for the results and victory of finding my name in the board passers’ list is still one of the most excruciating and defining moments of my life that is still fresh to my memory up to this date.

The great news is that I found a way to use simple mind strategies to make this preparation for board examination worthwhile because 100% of the students I coached passed their board exams. The recent one even ranked 2nd out of 4,967 examiners (worldwide) for September to October 2016 CMA (Certified Management Accountant) English exams.

I learned this simple mind tools and techniques because aside from being an accountant by profession, I am also an international certified NLP (neuro linguistic programming) master practitioner – a mind guru.

My students inspired me to work on this material because I want to inspire and help many more.

The board passers in this guide are some of the many extraordinary success stories of my students from the simple mind tools and strategies I taught them. You can check my website or facebook page to learn more about my students success stories.

This mind (NLP) training changed my life beyond my imagination and since then it has been my advocacy to help and teach others.

Now that I know the secret how this mind secrets can help board examiners pass their exams, it is my mission to teach and help you and many more.

But that’s enough about me and my qualifications, instead, let’s talk about YOU and…How Using This Guide Will Help You

When you get your copy today you’ll get several benefits, here are just a few:

  1. You will learn strategies and techniques used by real people to pass the board exams…that way you can gain confidence how you can follow their footsteps and pass your board exams because success leaves clues.
  2. You will learn 4 simple steps to pass your  board examination..that way this can give you more time to focus on your review
  3. You will learn  powerful mind techniques and strategies..that way you will understand the unlimited power you have within
  4. You have nothing to figure out. You get a step-by-step road-map to follow, so all you have to do is to follow the process I’ve already laid out for you.
  5. You get to save all the time, money, and frustration you’d have to spend to figure all this out for yourself!

This strategy worked for my students who have passed CFA, CMA, CFE, Architecture and Real Estate Appraiser Examination and it can definitely work on you too.

“Sounds good Wanda, but how much is it?”

Thank you for asking. 🙂

Aside from the 25-page pdf guide, you are also receiving a 32 minute video training program which is about $99 in value, an audio program of the training worth $29 and an affirmation book worth $9.

If you total that all up you’re getting a “real world value” of $156 worth of training… all designed to help you pass your board exams.

But you’re not going to pay anywhere near $99 when you get your copy today because when you act now…

You’ll get everything ( guide+  audio recording + video training + affirmation) in  just one payment of only $49!

Here is a recap of what you will get.

Value (USD)

Video Training


Audio Training


Pdf Document Guide




Total Value


Special Offer Today


Savings (69%)


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You might be thinking you could just skip this opportunity and figure it all out for yourself…

And of course, you probably could… If you are willing to spend your valuable resources –  your time asking people finding what worked for them and spending more money taking the board exam again if you did not pass the board exam the first time (but I hope this will not happen).

Or, you could save yourself all that time, effort, MONEY, and hassle by following the map I’m giving you instead.

P.S. This is the moment of truth… it all depends on what you do right now. If you do nothing then nothing will change. Now is not the time to be timid… take the chance on yourself.

If you don’t have $49 but you seriously want to pass the board exam, you can still get the audio training program at $29 or the  25 page-pdf guide at $19 only.

Click the button below to purchase the guide

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Then, enter your payment details and complete the checkout process.

Finally, after payment is successful,  the link is available for you to download the affirmation and the 25-page pdf guide while the audio and video training will be sent to your mailbox (the email you used during the checkout).


My prayers for God to bless, guide and help you to pass your board exam and I am  looking forward to hear some good news  so remember to update me later on the results of your board exam!



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