Joyful Jinky – How to Control Your Negative Emotions

Do you know that the only thing you have complete control in the world is yourself?
Yes and controlling yourself if one of the best gifts.
If you seek  a happier and successful life, control the thoughts you think, the words you speak, the actions you take and the emotions you feel.
Here is one of the stories from my students who was able to control her negative emotions.
Our negative emotions can give us and the people around us with a lot of stress, read her story of how she was able to control it.
Controlling your emotions 
I always wish that I have a push button to control my emotions toward a negative situation.
I am a person with limited patience! There are times that i end up feeling sorry for the words that i  said bad to a person and i wish that i can take it back.
But yeah, as they always say  “words once they are said it can only be forgiven but not forgotten.”  The funny thing is that I am only doing this to my husband! Who become my shock absorber, i used to blame him for anything that goes wrong in  our life.
On the night of February 16, 2016, my husband came very late from his work, my temper goes very high quickly and  i had a very bad day at work so everything that day is really a mess. I am ready to explode!
I heard a noise silently entering in our main door, I know it’s him and I am being prepared to shout/argue not even to ask the  reason of him being late. I waited for him to come to our room surprisingly he didn’t come directly he stayed in our kitchen. I become more angry,  more mad and ready to eat him!! And ready to face him in the kitchen!
As I stand i took a long deep breath and I  look up, while doing it there is tiny voice on my head saying “Am i really going to fight with him argue or I will just be quite calm and let it be” I weigh things if I will not let him go away with it  i know my night will be very long i will simply not accept all explanation or reason he will utter to me. I decided to take another long deep breath. After that doing it, i cannot explain but i felt very light. Thank to Ms. Wanda for teaching this topic on choosing how to react on a situation.
An finally he came. only the words come out to me is to ask how is he and patiently listening to his explanation.
Truly, we have the control of our emotions nobody else.

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