What is the Secret to Finding Happiness?


What is the secret to finding happiness?

Everyone wants to be happy but how can you really find happiness?

Here is a short video of my eldest daughter Sofia when she was 5 years old on what happiness means to her and how to find happiness.

It’s a great reminder for me and for the all parents that more than the toys and the material things we give, the true happiness of our kids comes from spending time with them.

She also gave very good pointers on how to find happiness:

  • Happiness can be found in your heart
  • Happiness is your choice
  • Think happy thoughts so you can find happiness

Here are 3 simple steps to Find Happiness everyday.

Looking forward that this simple steps will be useful to you because these are 3 simple steps that I follow to find happiness everyday.

Step 1: Define What Happiness Mean to You

What does happiness mean to you?

Only you can convince and tell yourself that “Yes, I am happy” so ask yourself :

  • What gives you happiness?
  • What do you love to do?
  • When are you happiest?
  • Where are you happiest and with whom?
  • What are the things that gives you the greatest sense of meaning in life?


Step 2: Simplify your definition of happiness 

Review your answers in step 1.

How many things do you need to be happy? Is it a big list?

Do you need to own expensive things or do a lot of things before you can be happy?

Be childlike in character and keep that list simple because happiness is an emotion. The shorter and simpler your list is, the easier you will find happiness. As Zig Ziglar said, the greatest source of happiness is the ability to be grateful at all times.

Simplify your reason for happiness and you will find more happiness in your life.

Step Number 3: Own your happiness

Oftentimes, you wait for happiness to come to your life but the truth is that you can find it within.

Consciously choose your emotions and declare that today is a happy day. Count your blessings everyday because there are many.

You may not be aware but you are very blessed compared to many people in the world because:

  • You are alive. An average of 108 people die every minute that is 155,520 per day so the fact that you are alive is a great blessing from God.
  • You have roof over your head. More than 1 billion people up to this day have no access to housing so you are blessed if you have a shelter .
  • You have access to clean water. Best research says about 783 Million people have no access to clean water and 2.5 Billion have no access to adequate sanitation so smile and cheer up.
  • You are loved.  Being loved is the greatest gift of all and I can bet there is at least 1 person who loves you.
  • You have faith. Everybody have faith. Even atheist have faith – faith that he won’t fall in the chair that he is sitting, faith that he won’t be poisoned by the restaurant where he is eating.  But faith in God and faith in yourself is the best gift you can have because this will make things possible for you.

My life is full of blessings and endless opportunities and it is all because of the faith i have in myself and the BIGGER faith I have in God.

Gods plan


Finding happiness is not easy to many and if you want to live a happier life, check out the free resources, blogs and online training programs that will soon be released in this website.

Praying that you may find peace, happiness and experience God everyday of your life.