The 3 Things You Need to Write Your Own Success Story


What is Your Success Story?


I was browsing through facebook and found this vey inspiring story about a farmer’s son. It is the story about Dado Banatao, the Filipino who designed the first PC chipset that is inside every PC today.

Following the story of the farmer’s son, here are the 3Ws of life that you can use to guide you  on Writing or Finding your own success story. – Wound, Wish and Work

Find YOur Wound

Yes, you need to Find your Wound because your problems are trials that can either break you or can give you a breakthrough.

If you look at the glass half full, your problems are blessings in disguise because this will bring the best person in you.


On the story, the farmer’s son had 3 wounds. First his poverty pushed him to strive better. The lack of design jobs in the Philippines also pushed him to find opportunities outside the country. Lastly, his inferiority pushed him to study while his friends play basketball and to study twice as hard because he was intimidated of the of students in Stanford who he feels is smarter than he is.

But his father’s wound is also a big factor in his success. Because the father wanted a better life for his son and made a decision to end poverty in his son’s generation. Compared to norm,  the father decided to send his son to school after the 6th grade and did not let his son work on the field so he will not end up to be a farmer like him.

How about you, what is your wound? What haunts you? 

Write it down because this will either help you Start writing your success story or It will help you Find your future success story!

Remember  that great success stories like Dado Banatao, the farmer’s son were created because they turned those problems into an Opportunity, so start turning your trials into treasures:)


Make a Wish
The farmer’s son has several wishes but his passion and love for  “building things” put him on top.

His wish to create a better chipset made a difference that is why the technology he created is available even in every PC today.


His other wish is for every school in the Philippines to have internet, where deserving students are given scholarships so they never stop learning.

His wish is for Filipinos to start companies that will hire more that is why he founded PhilDev foundation.

How about you, what are your wishes for yourself? For your health? For Your Wealth? For your Finances? For Your relationships? For your Spirituality?

What are your wishes For Your Family?  For Others? For the World?

Write it down Now because the clearer you are on your wish, the possibility of making it happen becomes higher. As Paolo Coelho said “if you want something, everything in the universe will conspire to help you achieve it.”


Work and Act 

As Dalai Lama said, you can’t help someone just by making a wish to do so, you have to take action.

Remember that success is a product of hardwork and determination.

The farmer’s son may have failed at his first attempt on building the chipset but after several trials, all his hardwork and perseverance paid off.


Determination is the power and will to Persist, Resolve, to have the drive, to have the grit, to Go the distance on reaching a goal or no matter what.

As Ronald Reagan said success is going from failure to failure without losing enthusiasm.

So no matter what situation you have now, Keep on trying, keep on doing, keep on believing.

Stop complaining about your wounds and problems in life but instead use it as a big reason to find an opportunity. Make a wish, persevere and act everyday to bring you closer to where you want to be.

Each person is unique and we have our own stories to write.

All our experiences in life – good or bad made us who we are now and will shape us to see our best life. As Dado Banatao, the farmer’s son said, success is the result of your beginnings.

I also think that the call in the video is not just for Filipinos but for everyone. Because everybody has hardships in life and its time to Learn Success.

The farmers son said he is not special but he is determined. His story could be your story. In fact,  it should be be everyone’s story because success is for everyone.

Start writing your success story NoW to unlock the beautiful future that awaits you.

Put Your mind, heart and soul in all that you DO and you will truly experience success like Dado Banatao, the farmer’s son.



I am where I am now because similar to the farmer’s son, I want a better life for my family.. I studied hard and gave my best in all that I do.. Because of God’s mercy, i achieved many of my dreams. God’s blessings made all things possible in my life.

God always have bigger plans for me than I have for my life.

Now, Time freedom is my reason for doing things because I want to spend more time with my family and in helping people.

Many of my dreams are coming true and I am successful than ever because my meditation programs on personal success and goal achievement are helping me a lot. I am looking forward it will help you too. You can check this page  Now  to get access to 40+ meditation programs on success and many more.

May all our dreams and wishes come true.










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