Simple Steps to Free Yourself from Bad Memories of the Past

Do you know that your mind’s memory is better than any computer or device that ever existed?


Yes, this is correct, your mind has power to recall any memory of the past.

Recall a memory of your wedding, birthday, child birth, heart break and you will realize that these memories are still fresh in your mind even it was years or centuries ago.

How does the mind store memory?

The mind will remember memories which brings you extreme happiness or enormous pain.

For extreme cases, the bad memories results to a trauma. Trauma is defined as “a deeply distressing or disturbing experience”.

Unfortunately, the bad experiences that results into trauma further develops into a phobia, an extreme or irrational fear of something.

How are past memories affecting your life?

After completing the basic and master neuro linguistic programming trainings, nowI know how the mind works.

I realized that all my fears are related to my child hood. I have fear of swimming in the ocean because a jellyfish stinged me when I was in grade school and that painful memory comes back to me when I’m in the ocean.


I am also the type of person who is not comfortable with strolling alone. I always want somebody to come with me wherever I go . I had no social activities at school nor at work. I am  used to my life revolving around office and home only. These habits was developed because when we were young, my mom doesn’t allow us to go out. I also had the fear of going out in the afternoon when I was a kid because my mom tells me that a stranger “sipay” roams around to get kids.

Now that I’m a mother, I realized that it was my mom’s strategy to make sure I will take the afternoon nap.


My fears are very minor compared to others because I’ve met people who have phobia or trauma that is so bad that it affects their day to day life.

In my neuro linguistic program master training, one of my classmates were afraid to open to door and hearing the word “cockroach” makes her cranky. Later, she explained that she has fear of opening doors because a cockroach dropped on her head when she opened a door when she was young. So whenever, she opens a door, she feels like a cockroach will fall on her head.

mind human

I also know a person in her mid-30’s who keeps on buying big dolls but never opens it. After buying, she will just peacefully keep it in the box and happily looks at it. She told me when she was young she likes to buy dolls but the family cannot afford it. Now that she has the money, it’s her way of fulfilling her child hood dreams and frustration.

Watch out because your fears and frustrations can be the root cause of your current problems . The bad memories and fears are one of reasons you are NOT enjoying life and living your true potential.

How can bad memories harm you?

The bad experiences of the past will definitely affect your life. If you keep on buying things you don’t need soon you will be buried in debt.

If you keep on buying material things to fulfill your frustrations of the past it will become a habit so you end up buying things you don’t need.

If you spend more on things you don’t need, soon you will realize that the money you earn will just be enough or worst case is that the money you earn is not even enough to pay for your daily needs.

wants and needs

Ask yourself, do you really more than 10 pairs of shoes? DO you really need branded stuff to live every day? DO you really need to eat at fancy restaurants?

Review your needs and wants and instead of wanting more, be happy with what you have now.

Contentment is the start of your journey on pursuit of happiness because it is all about realization and appreciation of what you already have.


How can you change the bad memories?

There are several mind techniques that you can use to heal the past but it depends on the severity of the trauma.

If it’s a simple argument with someone, go back to that memory, imagine that scene playing in the TV. Watch yourself, hear the sound loud and clear, see that picture playing and feel the pain again.

change your thoughts2

Once you feel yourself back into that memory, change the voice of the person who disturbed your peace of mind, change his voice to Donald duck or lower the volume or mute the sound to the point that you cannot hear that voice again.

Soon, you will realize that when you recall that same memory, it will not be as painful as it was.

Why? Because memory is now tampered and replaced with a new one. This may sound very simple to you but I challenge you to do it and I’m betting it will work because this simple technique helped many.

Change the voice to any sound or any volume that suits you because there is no right or wrong. You will be most successful when you will adapt this technique according to what fits you.

How can I handle fear?

Do you know that fear is the biggest block from achieving your goals?


You may not be getting that job promotion because you are afraid of responsibilities that will be given to you. Remember that great power comes with greater responsibility so embrace it.

You are not enjoying your blessings because you are afraid of what people might say if you tell them how blessed you are. But remember that the more thankful you are, the more will be given to you so focus on the blessing and not on other people’s opinion of you. Gratitude is the door that will open your life to abundance.


You are afraid to dream big because it might be difficult for you to reach. But remember to always reach for the moon because if you fail, you will be among the stars.


You are afraid to change because you are not comfortable with it. Remember what Charles Darwin said that “ it is not the strongest species who survived but those who are adaptable to change”. Change is the only constant so embrace it and take the challenge.

You are afraid to take risk because you might fail. Remember that greatest regret of old people are the risk they did not take. Your greatest failure are lessons waiting for you to unlock your greatest success.

life risk

When your faith becomes stronger than your fear everything becomes possible.

Have faith in yourself – this is called confidence. Stop the negative talk and encourage yourself that you can conquer all.

ivan joseph

Have faith in others, it’s called trust because your relationships with people are the cornerstone of your success.

Have faith in God because he has best plans for you and with Him all things are indeed possible.



Life is a gift, to unwrap the present and enjoy every moment, make peace with your past, manage your fears, change your thoughts and embrace the beautiful life that God planned for you.

My audio programs on healing the past helped me manage my fears and emotion, may it helped you unlock your true potential and live your best life.

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  1. This is indeed a very good article. Thank you for sharing your knowledge to us so that we can apply it also in our lives. You are a blessing to us Wanda! Looking forward for the next articles and seminars 🙂

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