Inspiring Thoughts from Gradeschool Students on the Power of Self Belief


Do you believe in yourself?

Do you know that you are  useless without it?

Believing in yourself is called COnfidence and this is the secret of success.  This is what I’ve learned from the students of Al Mawakeb School.

Last Monday, while waiting for my daughter,  the writings on the school wall caught my attention.

Grade 7 and 10 students gave their thoughts on what self confidence means to them based on TED talk of Dr. Ivan Joseph.

ivan joseph

Here are some views from the students on self confidence.

You will be surprised by the wisdom of these kids . May it inspire you as it inspired me☺️

What is self confidence?

Most important thing is self-confidence, without that skill, you are useless. When you lose your inside belief in yourself you’re done. You have to get away from people who likes to keep you down. Stop the negative talk, no one will believe in you unless you do. – Ivan

A day of might is day full of light. People should stop listening to their ebony and negative conscious and start believing in themselves. Self-confidence is the first step to victory on the ladder of success. – Kaline

A way to be confident is to do what you want to do and don’t accept failure and the word “NO”. – Lourde

believe in you

Always remind yourself about the special and unique qualities you possess because these qualities are what build you up – Zainab

Without confidence, you are allowing society to devour you. Be persistent and always tell yourself positive things. Dont let your insecurity form an obstacle on your trek to success – Andrea

Self-confidence is the ability to believe in yourself, to accomplish any task, no matter the odds or the difficulty or adversity. Merriam

Believe in what you do and also never give up easily. You have to stay persistent in what you do. Here you can achieve self-confidence.- Judy

The skill of self-confidence states that one can’t improve him/herself without possessing the skill of self-confidence. It is a skill because every one of us can implant it in his/her heart. With the help of repetition and persistence we all can enrich our personality with self-confidence. – dALIA

Pressure creates diamond. These valuable words that dr ivan joseph said reminded me of a personal experience, this school year. The beginning of this year in term 1, were extremely pressured and we kept on repeating everything. First, I thought that the pressure and repetition would cause me to fail my exams but then I realized that I was wrong. I was resolved to get good results and when I started studying, I realized that pressure was worth it. I was able to accomplish my goal and I got an A+ because I believed that I can. It just takes some extra workand self confidence. – Zeina

Self confidence is a word that let people escape from their reality. Self confidence is a seed buried internally inside our hearts. All what we have to do is to make the seed a plant and let it flourish. In success, you should never give up. Just practice, it makes perfect. Remember you will never lose, either you win or learn. – SALMA

your heart

Self confidence is the ability to believe in yourself. It must be built in each one’s heart. No matter the looks of a person, he must believe in herself. Never accept no. – Rama

His first advice was appreciate yourself so others so others can appreciate you. You need to trust yourself and have a conviction. Repetition and resolution are another way for achieving your goals. – Dana

When you are different, sometimes you don’t see the millions of people who accept you for what you are. All you notice is the person who doesn’t. Because if one believes in oneself, one doesn’t try to convince others. If one is content with oneself, one doesn’t need others approval. When one accepts oneself the whole world accepts him or her. – maitha

Self confidence can either stand taller than the highest tower or sink deeper than the deepest abyss. It’s all a matter of perception, your own to be precise. The way we see ourselves isn’t always the way others do. It’s all an illusion we wake up which either makes us feel good or bad. We each see thing and experience them differently and what right do you have to tell me that I’m wrong? None. You build your self confidence according to what you feel good while doing or perhaps something that pushed you to be sure of yourself. That is what Dr ivan joseph tried to push in our understanding so why not launch the rocket to the sky and keep going higher. – Reem

If you don’t believe in yourself, no one will. If you own self confidence, you will be assured that your dreams is just a few steps ahead because confidence is a major part of achieving a dream. Always remember that “you’re the captain for your ship and the master of your faith. – Sherina

I have a conviction that the root to success is self confidence. You can achieve that in a variety of ways. Invariably have a positive self talk instead of a negative one. Instead of thinking of the reasons you can’t, think of the reasons you can. Also interminable practice and endeavoring to become better are the keys to self confidence and success. – Salma

You are not who you are without believing in yourself. No matter how many impressive abilities you have, people look first at your self-confidence. People may try breaking you down, by trying to fix something in you but you have to get up and be good to yourself and show everyone who you are and you can do it. Self confidence is hard to find but at the end you’ll find the key to your heart. – Minerva

Self confidence is what help us get through the shadows of struggle. In order to reach such a gift, you must get away from those evil eyes which just tear you apart. Most importantly believe in yourself. – Menreet

I learnt that persistence is the key to interminable success and resolution is the key to true self confidence. Always avoid these little negative thoughts that oppress your mind – Dana

Every person has a sparkling soul shining up in the sky so don’t try to dull the sparkle or underestimate yourself. Everyone struggles in life because no one is better than the other but you can be better than the person you were yesterday – Rokaya

The most important is to believe in yourself because when you belive, you allow yourself to take more risks, meet new people and try new things in life. When you are confident and comfortable with yourself and body, it makes you much happier and you are able to enjoy eberything life has to offer you without worrying about what other people will think. – Aya


I could’nt agree more with the kids who have so much wisdom to share to this world.

Life is a gift and to unwrap the present and enjoy every moment believe in yourself. Be the master of your own fate, Be the captain of your ship, Have faith in yourself, Stop the negative talk and this is your first step to success.

Here is the TED video of  Dr. Ivan Joseph, Like thw kids, Watch this video and be inspired .



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