Wanda’s mentor and inspiration


Do you have BIG dreams?

In 2014, I had a very big dream to retire early from the corporate job, I wanted to own my time freedom because I want to spend more time with family and yes it all came true in December 2016!

After 16 years of working in the corporate world – I am finally free!

The truth is that If you have BIG dreams, you need to take BIG steps and invest more on your personal development to accelerate your progress.

Yes, my life is a testimony to Robin Sharma’s quote “To double your income and success, triple your investment in personal development and professional mastery”


For the next 2 years, I invested heavily in personal development taking tons of training and enrolling to a lot of courses that I studied after office work.

There are many nights when I sleep only for few hours to study, to travel and to catch up with the trainings but it is all worth it!


If you want to accelerate your progress, learning and getting a mentor is the best solution.

I have personally invested $xx,xxx money and yes it is all worth it and I am very thankful to my mentors because I am the person I am today because of the inspiration and learning from all of them.

Here are some of the pictures and I am looking forward that this will inspire you!

Learned the law of attraction and law of success from Jack Canfield, America’s number 1 success coach.

This picture with Jack Canfield was taken last June 2016 when my husband and I attended Jack’s one day to greatness training in Los Angeles, California… Jack is holding a copy of my Think and Succeed book and workbook and I hope he read it.

Learned the power of mind mapping from its inventor, Tony Buzan.  I attended his training at Emirates Airlines where he personally shared his humble beginnings.

Learned how to grow in many areas of my life – relationships, fitness, faith, finances and spirituality from Truly rich club (TRC). I am very blessed to personally meet and spend time with some of the TRC masterminds.

This picture with Bo Sanchez was taken when I attended Truly Rich Club wealth summit last Feb 2014.
This picture was taken in Nov2014 when Bo Sanchez dropped by during our NLP masters training.


This picture taken with Mr. Edward Lee of Col financial was taken in November 2014  when he visited one of my NLP trainings facilitated by Dean Pax and Sir Jojo.




dean pax and wanda
This picture with Dean Pax was taken last July 2016 when I volunteered as one of the facilitators for the basic NLP certification.
This picture with Sir Ronnie Siasoyco and family was in Dubai Mall Armani Cafe in July 2016 when he unselfishly shared his time and wisdom with me and the kids:)

Learned NLP (Neuro Linguistic Programming) from sir Jojo Apolo and Dean Pax Lapid that transformed my life in so many ways

This picture with my favorite persons Dean Pax and Sir Jojo was taken last Nov 2014 when I took my NLP master certification.

   ✅ Learned about entrepreneurship from entrep champ Mr.Paolo Tibig. Check my interview with him to know some of the secrets of an entrep champ. 


Learned power of audio programs and affirmations from Jule Fuller that helped me reprogram my negative beliefs and habits

Learned how to write a book from Vic Johnson. You can check my ebook in Amazon to learn how you can use your mind power to lead your life to more happiness and success https://www.amazon.com/dp/B01AUZG3P0

Learned about digital business from Anik Singal

Learned the power of coaching from Ray Higdon

Learned the power of journalling and intuition from John Robson of Higher awareness

Learned the power of faith and persistence from my college dean and wedding Godfather Mr. Nap Lusterio.

ninong nap
I was about to quit college because of financial difficulties but because of his help and with the help of many angels, I was able to graduate through scholarship assistance.  I was the first accountancy student who was allowed to work while studying. The sleepless nights,  faith and perseverance paid off because I graduated Cum Laude in year 2000 and I was very blessed to receive Outstanding Cordian Accounting Alumni in Auditing Services in 2016.



 I am super blessed, grateful and thankful to God for the many mentors and coaches that inspire me everyday and helped me to become the person I am today????

I know it is my time to share my time and knowledge to mentor and help others, kindly pray for me that I may be an inspiration and blessing to many more.

My prayer for you is that today you take a BIG step to invest, learn and be the best person God has destined you to be

Do you invest in your personal development? Do you know that best statistics says less than 3% of people invest in personal development?