The School of Positive Thoughts

Watch this video NOW to learn more about the secrets of one of my students, Ruth Gonzales. She is a record breaker winning 4 awards in 5 months in the Toastmaster’s humorous speech category. Despite being a newbie, she already competed at the  DTAC level, a dream for every toastmasters.

Big KUDOS, credits to Oliver Estolas of Burn Productions for this amazing recording:)

Do you seek more success and happiness like Ruth? If your answer is yes,  email to book time for personal coaching.

Do you want to learn more about live to inspire and The School of Positive Thoughts, Watch this video NOW to learn more:)

The School of Positive Thoughts offers  Online training programs, daily email coachingPersonal coaching, ebooks, In-house Workshops, Train-the-Trainer and Customized training programs that can provide you and your business with simple tools and techniques that will  help you understand how to use your unlimited mind power in order to:

★ Find happiness

★ Solve Problems

★ Achieve Success in many areas of your life – fitness, faith, family, friends and finances.

It is built on the foundation that everybody deserves to live a happier, positive and prosperous life.

Here is a  snapshot of the Fun WOrkshop with  MTA teachers and volunteers  on how to use the power of the mind and the power of your words.


Why do you need it?

Are you faced today with some of the challenges I had?

Do you sometimes feel unhappy?

Do you get stressed or tired often?

Do you have problems sleeping?

Do you get sick a lot of times?

Do you want to improve your relationships? With family? With kids? With friends? With colleagues? With God?

Do you feel that something is missing in your life?

Do you want to achieve work-life balance?

Do you want to succeed in many other areas of your life?

If you answered YES to any of the questions above, then this program is for YOU!

Last July 2014, I awakened to a higher wisdom,  a training on how the mind works (Neuro Lingustic Programming also called NLP) changed my life beyond my imagination.

The NLP training helped me to handle all the challenges I had. Now that I know the secret of how the mind works,  it is my purpose to teach and share my knowledge with you.

What are the benefits of understanding how your mind works?

Understanding how the mind works and the use of simple mind tools and techniques is a proven method that  helped many people achieve higher level of personal and professional excellence.

These mind tools and techniques  has been used by majority of the successful people in the past and present times – Albert Einstein, Napoleon Hill, Zig Ziglar, Jack Canfield, Jim Rohn, Les Brown, Steve Jobs and many more.

This knowledge also personally helped me, my kids, my friends and my students:

  • Find happiness
  • Solve Problems
  • Experience peace of mind
  • Achieve Work-Life Balance
  • Boost confidence
  • Increase motivation
  • Find a new job
  • Win awards
  • Manage anger
  • Handle stress
  • Pass board examinations
  • Recover from painful memories
  • Overcome fear
  • Fulfill dreams


“Wanda is a powerhouse of wisdom, that is simple, easy to understand and practice, with just a little determination”. There are many motivational gurus whose advise makes sense, but is difficult to implement. That is not the case with Wanda. You hear her for a few minutes, and you want to hear more. You will always walk away feeling rejuvenated and good about yourself.”
Adil Buhariwalla 

I have known Wanda for the last 10 years. She has always been a great person – (as a friend, colleague and many other roles) to be with. The NLP training that she went through 2 years back has transformed her in to a person who is on a mission to improve the quality of lives of people around her. I am blessed to have her with me as a friend and there are many of us who appreciate her thoughts on positivity and messages pf happiness and confidence. She gives us tips on how to inspire ourselves and shares real life incidents of where people have been able to achieve more by believing in themselves. God bless her with success so that she can inspire more people. Roshni Jagannathan

“You have inspired me to do my best. You always made me believe that everything is possible. You were always there giving me the full support. Thanking you is not enough. All my prayers will be with you. Praying for more success in your life and to your family.”
-Ruth Gonzales

“Wanda you have been an inspiration to me. You have made me believe everything is possible if we only believe and stay focused on our goal in life. And above all trust in God. He is the maker n delivere of all our achievements.I thank you for your guidance. This site is truly inspirational and makes one believe that out of nothing u can achieve everything. God bless you n ur family abundantly. ”
Reena Ferreira

“Thank you Miss Wanda for sharing us your secret.I am forever be grateful that God has sent us an Angel,Mentor and a good friend who inspires and supports us all the time.Thank you for sharing your positivity to us.You are such a blessing to us and to everyone .May our God continue to bless you..”
Mitch Macabudbud

“Thank you for helping me believe in myself. One at a time, step by step, inch by inch, I am learning what my purpose in life is. Your positivity and inspiring words of wisdom reminds of how blessed I am and how a positive thinking and mindset would affect my actions and decisions.Continue to be a blessing to others.”
Zandie Hidalgo