Amazing Anna – How to Make Your Dreams Happen

One of Anna Belinda Flores’ dream is to share her time, talent and treasure to God’s community. Yes, she made it happen by volunteering as a teacher in one of the Filipino communities in Dubai.

Here are the simple steps that Anna and many of my students used to make their dreams happen. May her beautiful dream board inspire you to make your own too.

What do you need to do to make your dreams happen?

Here is a simple and proven checklist that I used and teach my students.

This is the same process followed by my student,  Anna Belinda Flores to fulfill her dream.

Here is a 3 simple process that you can follow too.

  1. Make a list. 

First, make a list of what you want from all areas of your life – fitness, finances, faith, family, friends and contribution to community. Be specific because your mind works on the law of clarity.

dream it walt disney

2.  Create your dream vision board .

Your mind is visual and when you use pictures of what you want in life, your mind will work towards it. Here is  Anna’s  dream board to inspire you.

3. Act and do something to make it happen

Dreaming is not enough. You also have to take action to make your dreams happen. One of Anna’s dream is to share her time, talent and treasure to God’s community.Yes, she made it happen by volunteering as a teacher in one of the communities.

dreams worth living


Praying that your dreams will also come true.

Praying that God will use my gifts to help many more dreams to come true.



How to make your dreams come true: 3 simple steps to make dreams happen

Do you have dreams? Here are 3 simple steps on how to make your dreams happen.

June and July 2016 was truly magical for me because many of my prayers and wishes were granted and there a lot of surprises in between. But first, let me share you my story of how i fulfilled the dream of meeting Jack Canfield in person.

Here is my picture with Jack Canfield when I attended his One day to greatness training last June 3 at Los Angeles, California. You can notice Jack holding a copy of my workbook and book. I gave him a copy because he is one of the people who truly inspires me to make a difference in the lives of other people. I am looking forward to receive his feedback on my book entitled Think and Succeed: 7 mind secrets revealed to lead your life to success.





Here are 3 simple steps that you can follow to make your dreams come true.

Ask .  Yes, first you should ask because you can have anything you want but first you need to have a desire to have it. Once you know what you want,  ASK clearly what you want to happen. If you have clarity, the universe will conspire and will help you achieve it. Asking clearly is one of the secrets why kids always get what they want – use the same technique and you will be surprised how powerful it is!

paolo coelho - universe

Aware.  Yes, you need to be aware and keep your senses awake to find the opportunity to receive what you have asked for. When i set the intention that i want to meet Jack Canfield in person, i was reading every email from him and started following him on facebook to know the future events that are coming this year.

Act.  Action is necessary. You can have what you want but you have to act to make things happen. When i learned Jack will be in Los Angeles and  when I was offered a 50% discount to the VIP ticket, I grabbed the opportunity and instantly make arrangements to get our unplanned leaves approved.


I am super blessed and grateful to God that all went well. The other bonuses from this training is spending a short vacation with my family and friends in Los angeles and meeting Nonito Donaire.

Nonito Donaire is known as “The Filipino Flash“, he is the current WBO super bantamweight champion and has won seven official world titles to date. It is interesting to see him at Jack Canfield’s training.


Watchout for more blogs and stories as i personally share my other blessings of meeting Paulo Tibig, hosting an interview with Allan miranda and Jovy Tuano and reconnecting with my mentors and favorite persons Dean Pax Lapid and Jojo Apolo.

Praying that you too will experience and  receive God’s blessings everyday.

Praying for all of your dreams come true.


If you want to make your dreams come true, you need to let go and break free from the limiting thoughts and beliefs that are holding you back from living your best life.

Because, I want to help you make your dreams come true, i am also giving you a FREE copy of my workbook when you buy the limitless you online coaching program.

Before you decide to buy the online coaching, let me explain how the training can help you:

  • It can help you  understand the unlimited power of your thoughts, words and vision
  • It can open your thoughts to the infinite possibilities in your life
  • It can help you change/remove the limiting beliefs that are preventing you from living your best life

Become one of my success stories like Ruthbuy the online coaching program nOw so you can make your dreams happen.

Because experience is the best teacher, attend the training to understand how you can use the unlimited power of your mind to start turning your possibilities into realities, reGister here nOw and will keep you posted on the future events.




Think and Reject Rejection


Have you been rejected?

Rejection is one of the root causes of unhappiness.

Looking forward that this would help you understand how to reject rejection because everybody deserves to live a happy life.

Today, March 20,  is an extra special day as we celebrate the  international day of happiness.  United Nations General Assembly declared this dayin order to recognize  happiness and well being as fundamental human and universal goals.

 065/365: Show us your smile!

My daughter’s stories

My daughter Sofia, aged 6 came from school one day and was very upset.

With teary eyes, she asked me “Mommy is it true that mickey mouse clubhouse is for babies? My friends told me it’s baby-ish and i should be  watching star wars like them. But i don’t like star wars because it is scary for me.”

My other daughter Maia, aged 3  was crying one night. She cannot sleep because she was bothered by the  event that day. She said one classmate told her to stay away from another classmate. She was sobbing and in a trembling voice told me ” but mommy i want to be friends with my classmate but my other classmate won’t let me”.


At the age of 3 and 6, i didn’t thought that peer pressure would have come this early to my kids.

I cannot control their classmates but i can make my kids mindset strong enough to reject rejection and accept themselves no matter what people say about them.

Why do we reject rejection ?

The truth is that the need to to belong and the fear of rejection is a feeling that each of us share – it is not defined by age, gender or nationality.

Each of us wants to be accepted.

Each of us rejects the idea of being rejected.

As Maslows’ hierarchy of needs validate this, acceptance is one of the highest forms of human need.

How to Reject Rejection

Here is how i managed to help my kids reject rejection, looking forward that this may help you too.

1. Accept the FACT that it is OK to be different

First, you must accept the idea, that it is definitely “ok” to be different.

I told my daughter (Sofia) SO WHAT if she likes  mickey mouse, after all we are all different. I told her she does not have to want what her classmate wants because we are all unique and have our own preferences.

This gave a smile to her face because she thought that to remain friends, she needs to like the same things.

Key Takeaway: You should never change your preferences just to fit in or else this will cause you unhappiness in the long run. Embrace your uniqueness, after all TRUE friends will accept you no matter what!

take charge of your thoughts

  1.  Be kind to unkind people because they need it

Yes, you have to be kind to the unkind people because being unkind to them won’t make you look good or feel good either.

I told my daughter Maia to be understanding and be kind to her unkind classmate.

I told her that maybe that classmate has no brother or sister or other friends that is why she is not willing to share her friends with her.

I told her just continue to be kind to others because  someday they will all be friends.

be kind to unkind people


Thankfully, the following day, she came home happily sharing the story that she is now friends with that classmate where she has a problem with.

Key takeaway: Practice kindness at all times. If you encounter people who are unkind, just ignore them. You cannot change people but you can always chose your emotions.

When you chose to ignore them, you will be at peace and stress free. Instead of talking back or reacting negatively, take a deep breathe and say to yourself “I will be kind even if others are not”.

  1. STOP believing what people say about you

Yes, stop believing in what people say about you!

In the end, the only thing that matters is your opinion of yourself and God’s opinion about you.

God’s opinion about you will always be good!

Because you are created in God’s image and likeness, you should also have good opinion about yourself.

believe in you

Take note that it takes 16 positive things to remove 1 negative thought so you have to keep those positive energies highly charged so you can protect yourself from negative comments about you.

For my kids, I always tell them how much they are worth because I want them to develop strong belief in themselves.

I always tell them the following words to empower them:

  • I believe in you
  • I love you no matter what
  • I know you can do anything
  • I am proud of you
  • You are a genius
  • You are smart
  • You are beautiful
  • You are special
  • You are an angel
  • You are blessed
  • You are talented
  • You are gifted
  • You are smart

Key takeaway:  Stop believing others and use positive words of affirmation to uplift yourself, always say to yourself:

  • I am a star
  • I am blessed and guided by God at all times
  • I am the best me there is
  • I am beautiful
  • I can do anything because God will give e strength

love others



Remember that your life is a gift. To unwrap the present and enjoy every moment, reject rejection!

My life is full of blessings, miracle and amazing opportunities. You can check my book in Amazon where I personally share my secrets of how I use my mind power to live a peaceful, prosperous and purposeful life.

Praying that   my book will help you understand how your mind works and lead your life to success.

Praying that this article inspired you,  Like and Share NOw to insPire others too:)

May all your dreams come true:)

Think and Find Your Life Calling


Last year, February 20, 2015, I attended a Kerygma Conference in Dubai, a spiritual conference that changed my life forever.

As part of the program, speakers were sharing their miracles from God. One lady was sharing her cancer survival and the other is a talking about her suicidal stories. Both of them shared stories of how God spoke to them.

At that point in time, I was doubting, I was telling myself I am also religious and prayerful but I never heard God speaking to me. At that point in time, a heard a voice in my head saying “Serve me Now, Serve me Now, Serve me now”.

I got really scared because I haven’t heard that voice before and the sound was getting louder and louder in my mind.

Before the conference ended, I prayed wholeheartedly surrendering my all and  committing to God that I will serve Him all the days of my life.


When we came back to house in the evening, my eldest daughter was very excited telling me that she had a dream that Papa Jesus and Mother Mary visited the house together with an army of angels. I have tears and goose bumps until this day as I recall the chain of events.

After the conference, I have a big question, how do I serve God?


This question haunts me everyday and in order to fulfill God’s calling for service, I volunteer for every opportunity to serve and help others.

I thought it will be very easy to volunteer since I am giving my time for free but it was harder than I thought.

One of the companies I volunteered  for was even asking me to enroll for their course for AED15,000 (PhP 180,000) before I become a volunteer at their NLP (neuro linguistic programming)class.

Thankfully, God always make a way when there seems to be no way.

god will make a way

Finally, after a number of trials, I got accepted as volunteer for  Money talks UAE where I met people who are financial literacy advocates. This voluntary work led me to Successful Pinoy Ako where I found more clarity on my life purpose to teach through their Mindmap your way to success training.

Another volunteer work was the Truly rich club event where I met another volunteer who lead me through Ohsec Pinoy Group where I now regularly teach as volunteer for the mindsetting class.

As I look back, I realized GOD made so many miracles in my life, bigger than I ever expected.

  • I met angel volunteers in the name of Allan Miranda, Ximo Ramos and Dawn
  • I was mentored by Jule Fuller whose meditation programs helped me to live a peaceful, prosperous and purposeful life
  • I conducted mindset trainings to help people understand how their mind works
  • I published a book entitled Think and Succeed : 7 mind secrets revealed to lead your life to success
  • I met students whose success stories are truly inspiring – from finding a new job, enjoying the dream vacation, managing stress, getting a promotion, overcoming anger and many more

It’s been a year now but my commitment to God will not be shaken. I commit to serve God and others by using my gift of positivity and knowledge of NLP (neuro linguistic programming, a study of how the mind works) to help people live happier, positive, prosperous and purposeful lives.

065/365: Show us your smile!

Yes, my plate is full because I have a family and career to manage but the ultimate purpose of my life is to serve others so I will make time.

I am here to serve. I am here to teach.I am here to inspire.I am here to help.I am here to fulfill God’s purpose.

my purpose

I know God will send the right people and resources to my life and goodness will follow me all the days of my life.

I am Praying for God to continue to use my gifts to help and serve many.

I am praying for His unending support and guidance so I can fulfill my calling to serve Him.

Praying that you too may find your life calling because each one has unique calling and as Mark twain said, the two most important days in your life is when then day you were born and the day you found out why.

If you want to attend my trainings, you can enroll for the mindsetting class at Ohsec Group.

As my birthday gift to the world, I am also giving FREE trainings for the full week of March, the topics and dates are as follows. Register NOW because seats are limited:)

March 4: Think and Detox from Stress – How to Manage Stress at Work

March 11: Think and Be Happy- How to Find Happiness Everyday

March 18: Think and Secure Your Future – How to Improve Your Finances in Simple Ways

March 25: Think and Find Your Purpose – How to Find Your Life Calling


Remember that your life is a gift. To unwrap the present and enjoy every moment, commit to live a life with purpose everyday.

My life is full of blessings, miracle and amazing opportunities. You can check my book in Amazon where I personally share my secrets of how I use my mind power to live a peaceful, prosperous and purposeful life.

Praying that   my book will help you understand how your mind works and lead your life to success.

Praying that this article inspired you to find your own calling. Like and Share Now to insPire others too,

May all your dreams come true:)

The Secret to Your Beautiful Life is YOU


Too busy?

How much effort does it take so you can keep up with everything?

The world is changing every day.

The “high tech” world that promises to simplify our lives has in in fact complicated it.

Yes, the high tech world has complicated our lives because it has brought a multitude of time consuming distractions leading us to shy away from the simple joys in life, keeping us away from what truly matters.


When we travelled to the US last year, I never lost any “wifi” connection. I was always “connected”.

We rode the plane, the train, the ferry, the bus and all other modes of transportation and I thought that the best thing is that there was ”wifi” connectivity everywhere I went.

But the benefit of having a world without boundaries through this wifi connectivity has also resulted in a lot of relationship changes.

I noticed that people talk less because they are always busy with their mobile devices.

Kids are not as interested in arts and playing simple games but have diverted most of their attention to all sorts of gadgets.

People seem to care less because they do not notice what is happening around them.


People connect less because they are too busy with their celphones looking around at what is happening in social media, rather than being concerned about the person who could be sitting right beside them.

People are restless because they have become addicted to playing games, to watching videos and reviewing social media feeds in facebook, linked in, Instagram, you tube or twitter.

Our lives are now revolving around technology more than ever. Instead of technology adjusting to us – we the people, are adjusting to technology.

The digital age has come and it is changing all of us.


Ask yourself, given 24 hours a day:

How much time do you spend using a computer at the office and at home?

How much time do you spend in your mobile and other gadgets playing games?

How much time do you spend in social media?

How much time do you spend watching TV?

How much quality time do you spend with your family and friends?



 How much time do you spare for yourself?

Are you giving yourself enough time to rest?

Do you have quality time for prayer? For meditation? For reflection?

The answer is probably NOT enough if you are being honest.

 Worry not, because busy-ness, stress and restlessness have become everyone’s habit.

But these habits are unknowingly destroying each one of us.


 Think about it, compared to the past, more people get sick now adays .

Cancer has become a common disease.

There is an increase in the number of crimes and abuse worldwide.

There is an increase in the number of depressed and unhappy people because people envy those who seem to have a better life in social media.

This is sad but unfortunately, the reality of today.

Technologies has liberated but has also corrupted this generation.


You can blame technology.

You can blame the government.

You can blame others.

But one thing remains the same in spite of this constantly changing world.

 The truth is that your life is your own.

Your life is purely your SOLE responsibility.

Your life is a product of the choices you make every day.

Your life is an output of where you spent your time the most.

Your life is all dependent on you alone.

 love self

If you want some changes in your life, the main KEY to your future is YOU.


Yes, only you can make your life beautiful.

Only you can make that body fit and healthy.

Only you can help your soul get that peace of mind.

time for change

Only you can keep your spirits up.

Only you can find yourself happiness.

Only you can create your contentment and satisfaction.

Only you can mark yourself a success.


This is your life, make it YOUR own.

Take charge. Live it, accept it!

Make that commitment now.

 065/365: Show us your smile!

Commit that today will be better than yesterday,

Commit that tomorrow will be better than today.

Commit that you will nourish your mind, body and soul for a better you.

Commit that you will defeat all obstacles that come your way.

Commit that you will never give up.

Commit that you will have faith in yourself.

Commit that you will do your best.

Commit that you will surrender your all to God.

 Gods plan

Commit to YOURSELF to build a better YOU.

Commit to YOURSELF to enjoy a better future.

Commit to YOURSELF to take action.

Commit to LOVE and accept yourself .

Commit to Love more and give more.

Commit to have more patience and faith in God’s perfect plans for your life.


Commit to not let this digital age stop you from being the best person you could be.

Commit to not let this technology steal the life you truly deserve.

 STOP and Commit now!

Make that choice to Change your life.

Commit now before it’s too late….

This is your life, not anyone else.

Think and Commit to live your best life NOW!



Getting distracted is the easiest thing in life.

Remember that this life is a gift. To unwrap the present and enjoy every moment, choose to make that choice to change your life for the better.

My life is full of blessings, miracle and amazing opportunities.

I am forever grateful to my friend Jule Fuller because her meditation programs opened my life to unlimited blessings.  My enrolment to her online training program is one of the best investments I ever made.  Check it out NOW and may her programs HELP you too unleash and live your true potential.

I am super blessed to find higher awareness, the workbooks and daily coaching email support is one the best. Check it out NoW!

I am super blessed to have mentors like Diana Luna and Adil Buhariwalla who patiently reads and review my notes. Your time is precious and I am forever grateful because you unselfishly share it with me:)

My prayer is for you to enjoy the best and FREE things in this life :

  • Hugs and kisses from your loved ones
  • Loads of fun and laughter everyday
  • Peaceful and restful sleep
  • Good memories to cherish everyday
  • God’s presence to guide you every step of the day

 God bless and may all your dreams come true:)






Simple Steps to Free Yourself from Bad Memories of the Past

Do you know that your mind’s memory is better than any computer or device that ever existed?


Yes, this is correct, your mind has power to recall any memory of the past.

Recall a memory of your wedding, birthday, child birth, heart break and you will realize that these memories are still fresh in your mind even it was years or centuries ago.

How does the mind store memory?

The mind will remember memories which brings you extreme happiness or enormous pain.

For extreme cases, the bad memories results to a trauma. Trauma is defined as “a deeply distressing or disturbing experience”.

Unfortunately, the bad experiences that results into trauma further develops into a phobia, an extreme or irrational fear of something.

How are past memories affecting your life?

After completing the basic and master neuro linguistic programming trainings, nowI know how the mind works.

I realized that all my fears are related to my child hood. I have fear of swimming in the ocean because a jellyfish stinged me when I was in grade school and that painful memory comes back to me when I’m in the ocean.


I am also the type of person who is not comfortable with strolling alone. I always want somebody to come with me wherever I go . I had no social activities at school nor at work. I am  used to my life revolving around office and home only. These habits was developed because when we were young, my mom doesn’t allow us to go out. I also had the fear of going out in the afternoon when I was a kid because my mom tells me that a stranger “sipay” roams around to get kids.

Now that I’m a mother, I realized that it was my mom’s strategy to make sure I will take the afternoon nap.


My fears are very minor compared to others because I’ve met people who have phobia or trauma that is so bad that it affects their day to day life.

In my neuro linguistic program master training, one of my classmates were afraid to open to door and hearing the word “cockroach” makes her cranky. Later, she explained that she has fear of opening doors because a cockroach dropped on her head when she opened a door when she was young. So whenever, she opens a door, she feels like a cockroach will fall on her head.

mind human

I also know a person in her mid-30’s who keeps on buying big dolls but never opens it. After buying, she will just peacefully keep it in the box and happily looks at it. She told me when she was young she likes to buy dolls but the family cannot afford it. Now that she has the money, it’s her way of fulfilling her child hood dreams and frustration.

Watch out because your fears and frustrations can be the root cause of your current problems . The bad memories and fears are one of reasons you are NOT enjoying life and living your true potential.

How can bad memories harm you?

The bad experiences of the past will definitely affect your life. If you keep on buying things you don’t need soon you will be buried in debt.

If you keep on buying material things to fulfill your frustrations of the past it will become a habit so you end up buying things you don’t need.

If you spend more on things you don’t need, soon you will realize that the money you earn will just be enough or worst case is that the money you earn is not even enough to pay for your daily needs.

wants and needs

Ask yourself, do you really more than 10 pairs of shoes? DO you really need branded stuff to live every day? DO you really need to eat at fancy restaurants?

Review your needs and wants and instead of wanting more, be happy with what you have now.

Contentment is the start of your journey on pursuit of happiness because it is all about realization and appreciation of what you already have.


How can you change the bad memories?

There are several mind techniques that you can use to heal the past but it depends on the severity of the trauma.

If it’s a simple argument with someone, go back to that memory, imagine that scene playing in the TV. Watch yourself, hear the sound loud and clear, see that picture playing and feel the pain again.

change your thoughts2

Once you feel yourself back into that memory, change the voice of the person who disturbed your peace of mind, change his voice to Donald duck or lower the volume or mute the sound to the point that you cannot hear that voice again.

Soon, you will realize that when you recall that same memory, it will not be as painful as it was.

Why? Because memory is now tampered and replaced with a new one. This may sound very simple to you but I challenge you to do it and I’m betting it will work because this simple technique helped many.

Change the voice to any sound or any volume that suits you because there is no right or wrong. You will be most successful when you will adapt this technique according to what fits you.

How can I handle fear?

Do you know that fear is the biggest block from achieving your goals?


You may not be getting that job promotion because you are afraid of responsibilities that will be given to you. Remember that great power comes with greater responsibility so embrace it.

You are not enjoying your blessings because you are afraid of what people might say if you tell them how blessed you are. But remember that the more thankful you are, the more will be given to you so focus on the blessing and not on other people’s opinion of you. Gratitude is the door that will open your life to abundance.


You are afraid to dream big because it might be difficult for you to reach. But remember to always reach for the moon because if you fail, you will be among the stars.


You are afraid to change because you are not comfortable with it. Remember what Charles Darwin said that “ it is not the strongest species who survived but those who are adaptable to change”. Change is the only constant so embrace it and take the challenge.

You are afraid to take risk because you might fail. Remember that greatest regret of old people are the risk they did not take. Your greatest failure are lessons waiting for you to unlock your greatest success.

life risk

When your faith becomes stronger than your fear everything becomes possible.

Have faith in yourself – this is called confidence. Stop the negative talk and encourage yourself that you can conquer all.

ivan joseph

Have faith in others, it’s called trust because your relationships with people are the cornerstone of your success.

Have faith in God because he has best plans for you and with Him all things are indeed possible.



Life is a gift, to unwrap the present and enjoy every moment, make peace with your past, manage your fears, change your thoughts and embrace the beautiful life that God planned for you.

My audio programs on healing the past helped me manage my fears and emotion, may it helped you unlock your true potential and live your best life.

Inspiring Thoughts from Gradeschool Students on the Power of Self Belief


Do you believe in yourself?

Do you know that you are  useless without it?

Believing in yourself is called COnfidence and this is the secret of success.  This is what I’ve learned from the students of Al Mawakeb School.

Last Monday, while waiting for my daughter,  the writings on the school wall caught my attention.

Grade 7 and 10 students gave their thoughts on what self confidence means to them based on TED talk of Dr. Ivan Joseph.

ivan joseph

Here are some views from the students on self confidence.

You will be surprised by the wisdom of these kids . May it inspire you as it inspired me☺️

What is self confidence?

Most important thing is self-confidence, without that skill, you are useless. When you lose your inside belief in yourself you’re done. You have to get away from people who likes to keep you down. Stop the negative talk, no one will believe in you unless you do. – Ivan

A day of might is day full of light. People should stop listening to their ebony and negative conscious and start believing in themselves. Self-confidence is the first step to victory on the ladder of success. – Kaline

A way to be confident is to do what you want to do and don’t accept failure and the word “NO”. – Lourde

believe in you

Always remind yourself about the special and unique qualities you possess because these qualities are what build you up – Zainab

Without confidence, you are allowing society to devour you. Be persistent and always tell yourself positive things. Dont let your insecurity form an obstacle on your trek to success – Andrea

Self-confidence is the ability to believe in yourself, to accomplish any task, no matter the odds or the difficulty or adversity. Merriam

Believe in what you do and also never give up easily. You have to stay persistent in what you do. Here you can achieve self-confidence.- Judy

The skill of self-confidence states that one can’t improve him/herself without possessing the skill of self-confidence. It is a skill because every one of us can implant it in his/her heart. With the help of repetition and persistence we all can enrich our personality with self-confidence. – dALIA

Pressure creates diamond. These valuable words that dr ivan joseph said reminded me of a personal experience, this school year. The beginning of this year in term 1, were extremely pressured and we kept on repeating everything. First, I thought that the pressure and repetition would cause me to fail my exams but then I realized that I was wrong. I was resolved to get good results and when I started studying, I realized that pressure was worth it. I was able to accomplish my goal and I got an A+ because I believed that I can. It just takes some extra workand self confidence. – Zeina

Self confidence is a word that let people escape from their reality. Self confidence is a seed buried internally inside our hearts. All what we have to do is to make the seed a plant and let it flourish. In success, you should never give up. Just practice, it makes perfect. Remember you will never lose, either you win or learn. – SALMA

your heart

Self confidence is the ability to believe in yourself. It must be built in each one’s heart. No matter the looks of a person, he must believe in herself. Never accept no. – Rama

His first advice was appreciate yourself so others so others can appreciate you. You need to trust yourself and have a conviction. Repetition and resolution are another way for achieving your goals. – Dana

When you are different, sometimes you don’t see the millions of people who accept you for what you are. All you notice is the person who doesn’t. Because if one believes in oneself, one doesn’t try to convince others. If one is content with oneself, one doesn’t need others approval. When one accepts oneself the whole world accepts him or her. – maitha

Self confidence can either stand taller than the highest tower or sink deeper than the deepest abyss. It’s all a matter of perception, your own to be precise. The way we see ourselves isn’t always the way others do. It’s all an illusion we wake up which either makes us feel good or bad. We each see thing and experience them differently and what right do you have to tell me that I’m wrong? None. You build your self confidence according to what you feel good while doing or perhaps something that pushed you to be sure of yourself. That is what Dr ivan joseph tried to push in our understanding so why not launch the rocket to the sky and keep going higher. – Reem

If you don’t believe in yourself, no one will. If you own self confidence, you will be assured that your dreams is just a few steps ahead because confidence is a major part of achieving a dream. Always remember that “you’re the captain for your ship and the master of your faith. – Sherina

I have a conviction that the root to success is self confidence. You can achieve that in a variety of ways. Invariably have a positive self talk instead of a negative one. Instead of thinking of the reasons you can’t, think of the reasons you can. Also interminable practice and endeavoring to become better are the keys to self confidence and success. – Salma

You are not who you are without believing in yourself. No matter how many impressive abilities you have, people look first at your self-confidence. People may try breaking you down, by trying to fix something in you but you have to get up and be good to yourself and show everyone who you are and you can do it. Self confidence is hard to find but at the end you’ll find the key to your heart. – Minerva

Self confidence is what help us get through the shadows of struggle. In order to reach such a gift, you must get away from those evil eyes which just tear you apart. Most importantly believe in yourself. – Menreet

I learnt that persistence is the key to interminable success and resolution is the key to true self confidence. Always avoid these little negative thoughts that oppress your mind – Dana

Every person has a sparkling soul shining up in the sky so don’t try to dull the sparkle or underestimate yourself. Everyone struggles in life because no one is better than the other but you can be better than the person you were yesterday – Rokaya

The most important is to believe in yourself because when you belive, you allow yourself to take more risks, meet new people and try new things in life. When you are confident and comfortable with yourself and body, it makes you much happier and you are able to enjoy eberything life has to offer you without worrying about what other people will think. – Aya


I could’nt agree more with the kids who have so much wisdom to share to this world.

Life is a gift and to unwrap the present and enjoy every moment believe in yourself. Be the master of your own fate, Be the captain of your ship, Have faith in yourself, Stop the negative talk and this is your first step to success.

Here is the TED video of  Dr. Ivan Joseph, Like thw kids, Watch this video and be inspired .



Top Reasons Why Only Love Can Fill the Gap in Your Life


Are you  missing something in your life?

I think It’s Love!

Yes, if something is missing in your life that is LOve.


Here are 3 reasons Why you need love?

  1.  Because You are created because of God’s love.
  2.  Because  your ultimate purpose is to love
  3. Because the ultimate purpose of your existence is first to Love God and then to Love others as you love yourself.

If there is something missing in your life it is because either you need to GiVe more love OR you need to  ReCeivemore Love!

 What is love?


The definition in the scripture about love is one of my favorites.

Love is patient.

Love is kind.

It does not envy, it does not boast, it is not proud.

It does not dishonor others, it is not self-seeking, it is not easily angered, it keeps no record of wrongs.

Love does not delight in evil but rejoices with the truth.

It always protects, always trusts, always hopes, always perseveres.

If there is something missing in your life then read about the definition of love and understand which one you are not doing or which one do you need..

Do you need more patience? More kindness?

love corinthian

How can You fill the gap in your life?

In order to fill the gap in your life, you need to give LOVE.

Yes, you have to Give love.

Because it is in giving that you will receive

The more you share, the more you will have.

To Get love Give love.


You need to Be more loving – more patient and kind with yourself. You may not be getting what you want in life but be extra kind and patient with yourself.

Keep on hoping, keep on doing, Keep on believing and soon your wishes will come true.

Accept and Love yourself first because you cannot give something you don’t have. Life is about loving yourself first then giving it to others in every encounter.

love self


You also need to Be more loving – more patient and kind with others. You cannot change others but choose to accept and respect others because we are all created unique.

Remember love does not dishonor others, it is not self-seeking, it is not easily angered, it keeps no record of wrongs.

love others

Remember also that there is gap in your fingers because it is meant to fill the gap of other fingers. Choose to love others and fill those gaps in their life.

Loving others is the key that will open the gates of your life to profound peace and happiness.


You need to Be more loving – more patient and kind with God. When God doesn’t answer your prayer, that means He has something better planned for you.

Remember that God has a plan for every life – plan to prosper and give you a beautiful future.

Remember that God’s plan for your life is more rewarding, more fulfilling, better than you’ve wished for – Be Patient, Be Hopeful, Trust and Have faith because God is in control of your life.

 Gods plan

Think  again of what is missing in your life and start filling yourself with love and start giving more love.

Soon all that you need will come to you because when you open yourself to love and give more love, you open your life to abundance.

 take what you need



Life is a gift and to unwrap the present and enjoy every moment, fill the gap in your by life loving yourself, others and God.

My father died when I was nine years old and I had no brother but I was so much blessed by God because my husband filled all those gaps in my life. He is like a father, brother and a husband all wrapped in one. My husband is and will always be one of my life’s greatest blessings.

For filling the gaps in my life, for holding my hand, for hearing my thoughts, for filling my life with music, for bringing out the best in me and for loving me without end – Thank you. Happy Father’s Day and may God keep you always, prosper the work of your hands and give you success and abundance in all areas of your life– fitness, family, friends, finances and faith.

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My goal is to help YOU live happier lives  because I know that one lighted candle can light a thousand other candles and one enlightened heart can illuminate a thousand of other hearts.


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Praying for God to bless you and your family with the richest rewards in life.
Praying for God to bless you and your family continuously and abundantly everyday.
Praying for God to bless you and your family with sound health, peace of mind and happiness all the days of your life.

God bless and may all our dreams come true.



About Wanda


What is your mission in life?

I am in a mission to help 1 million or more women around the world  live happier lives because it is my life purpose to inspire, educate and empower women to live happier lives using my gift of optimism and knowledge of how the mind works.

First, let me introduce myself because you may not know me at all.

I am a professional and personal consultant and mind expert offering more than 15 years of extensive experience in consulting with individuals, leaders and decision makers to improve business performance, personal and professional life.

In December 2016, I left my job as Regional Audit Manager of Emirates Airlines (where I worked for 10+ years) to fulfill my dream of becoming a housewife to spend more time with family and to fulfill my calling to serve God by helping women live happier lives.

My purpose is to live to inspire, educate and empower women based on values of faith, hope and love.


My goal is to help women understand the power of having a positive mindset to live happier lives  because I know that one lighted candle can light a thousand other candles and one positive heart can illuminate a thousand of other hearts.



Happy to share with you my 7 Secrets to live a Happier life from my 30+ years of existence:

  1. Spend your time wisely because you can have more money but you cannot have more time. Each of us only have 24 hours a day. Life if short and  priceless so spend your time on things and with people which matters to you the most.


2. Health is the Best Wealth so you should take care of your body and thrive to live a balance life. Your body is the place you live in. Nourish your body, mind, heart and soul at all times.

3.  The Best investment is to invest in Yourself because it will improve your life and the lives of people around you. Unfortunately, best research says only 3% invest in their personal development.

4. Everything is Possible, the word impossible even says I’m possible. I have NO limits, I am limitless and I can do anything because God will give me strength and God will make all things possible for me.



5.  Sleep with a dream and wake up with a purpose every day. Each one is unique and has a distinct purpose on earth. Dream big and commit to live a purposeful life everyday. Commit to turn your dreams into reality because you have everything in your power to live the life you want.

6. Your FAiTH should be bigger than your fears to keep you going in life because  perseverance and determination are the key qualities of every successful person. Stop talking how big your problems are and start proclaiming how BIG your God is to overcome any challenge.


7. Success is not just about what you gain or accomplish in life but it’s more about the Difference you make in the lives of other people.  Choose to live a life of success and significance by leading others to succeed.


My life is full of blessings, miRacles and Endless Opportunities. I am very excited to share with you my secrets of how I was able to use my positive faith and knowledge of how the mind works (NLP) to live a prosperous and meaningful life.

These secrets has personally helped me, my family, friends, colleagues and students to find happiness, fulfill dreams and achieve success in many other areas of their life.

To start learning my secrets NOW , grab a copy of my ebook in Amazon entitled Think and Succeed: 7 Mind Secrets Revealed to Lead Your Life to Success.

Looking forward that my  book will  help you learn and discover your unlimited mind power and lead you to success.

Praying that you too may you find success in many areas of your life – fitness, faith, family, friends and finances.

Praying that may you and your loved ones be always blessed with sound health and peace of mind.

Praying that may you be closer and experience God more deeply everyday of your life.

Praying that may all your dreams come true:)


Wanda is a powerhouse of wisdom, that is simple, easy to understand and practice, with just a little determination”. There are many motivational gurus whose advise makes sense, but is difficult to implement. That is not the case with Wanda. You hear her for a few minutes, and you want to hear more. You will always walk away feeling rejuvenated and good about yourself.”
Adil Buhariwalla

I have known Wanda for the last 10 years. She has always been a great person – (as a friend, colleague and many other roles) to be with. The NLP training that she went through 2 years back has transformed her in to a person who is on a mission to improve the quality of lives of people around her. I am blessed to have her with me as a friend and there are many of us who appreciate her thoughts on positivity and messages pf happiness and confidence. She gives us tips on how to inspire ourselves and shares real life incidents of where people have been able to achieve more by believing in themselves. God bless her with success so that she can inspire more people. Roshni Jagannathan