Positivity Guide: Positive Affirmations Every Day


Claim your abundance by using the power of affirmations to  let more abundance flow to your life because things are created twice – first in mind then in reality. This 48 powerful affirmation to millions in 6 colorful pages can help you challenge and overcome negative thinking and self-sabotaging behaviors



How many positive thoughts do you hold in your mind? DO you know that best research says you need 16 positive thoughts to remove 1 negative thought?info-16-1

Affirmations helped me in so many ways to overcome my negative beliefs and make my dreams happen. Now it is my turn to help and teach others????

Here are 48 positive affirmations that helped me and I am looking forward this can help you too – to overcome your negative beliefs and receive God’s best plans for you.

Read more and learn how this affirmations can help you.

What is this Positivity Guide?

This are 48 short positive statements in 6 colorful printable pages. This can help you overcome your negative supporting beliefs about yourself  because your negative beliefs prevents you from living a better life – the life that you always wanted.

As a bonus, there are 3 pages of wallpaper size positive  affirmations to:

  • Claim God’s Best Plans for Your Life
  • Uplift and Motivate Yourself
  • Make Your Dreams Come True

How to Use the affirmations ?

Affirmations are meant to be read repetitively to reprogram your conditioned mind so for this affirmations to work successfully remember the following:

  • Print the affirmations or download a copy in your mobile
  • Read the affirmations as often as you can because your mind learns by repetition.
  • Schedule a time in your calendar so you can be reminded to read it everyday because best research says it takes about 21-30 days for the mind to develop a new belief or habit.
  • Read the affirmations as soon as you wake up or before your sleep because this is the best time for your mind to absorb the information.
  • Say this affirmations with feelings and emotions because your mind works based on the intensity of your emotions
  • Do your best to put this affirmations into action because success is all about setting a clear intention and taking persistent action to make it happen


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