A message from earth for my father in Heaven


What are your life’s what IF’s? I have quite a lot and here is one of the questions I have on my mind for many years.

My father died in February 18 1990, when I was only nine.

I used to ask God why so early?

I used to think of  a lot of what If’s in my life.

What if papa is alive, what could our lives have been?

What if papa is here, what kind of person would I be?


Our lives went a complete 360 degree turn when he joined God in heaven…..


But as I look back, it all makes sense now.

I learned to understand that All things happen for a reason.

All things are meant to bring the best in all of us.


Papa died with our dreams and hopes but new ones were born.

Papa died but mom’s strength was shown..

Truly, you will never know how strong you are unless being strong is the only choice you have in life.


Papa’s death was never easy but it has brought the best to our family.

His death brought the best in mom.

His death brought the best in me and my sisters.


Our struggles and pains have made us stronger and the person we are today.

god will make a way

Our failures have become our growth opportunities.

Our dreams were bigger because we have no biological father to take care of us.

Our faith became stronger because we know our “papa” in heaven is always watching us from above.

Our faith in God became stronger because He is the “true” father who never failed us.


As I reflect on our life’s what If’s, I realized  that All possibilities became realities because of our decisions to always:

  • Let faith be stronger than our fears, worries and doubts
  • Give  your best in all that yo do and let God do the rest
  • Surrender and let go of the past to see the beautiful future that God has planned for us

Papa may not be here to celebrate our success or to enjoy special birthdays and occasions.

He may not be around to hear my thoughts or hug me when I need one but in my heart He will always remain.

In my memory, will always remain a  “BIG guy with a BIG heart” with a few words everyday but with so much love to share.

Mom and I don’t think alike so I always tell her I am like you, papa:)

We may not have many conversations and time together while you were alive.

You may not have the chance to meet the amazing family God has blessed me with but I know you can see them from above.

Please watch over us  and help us pray to God to  continue to light and bless our way every day.


May you always have a peaceful and extraordinary fun in heaven with all the angels and our departed loved ones.

Our time together on earth may be short but I truly dearly miss and love you with my all.

Your Bunso, shobe aka Wandalyn Tan-Calupig.


Our lives are not perfect, we have lots of ups and down but I chose to count and see the many blessings, miRacles and Endless Opportunities God has blessed us with.

God heard many of our prayers, one of which is publishing my book in Amazon.

As I share my personal experience and success story, I am looking forward that my book will help and bless you.  I kept the price so low because my ultimate purpose is to develop and share the best part of myself to others. You can chEck it here NOW, may God bless your life and make all your dreams come true:)





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