Reviews from Real People

Here are just a handful of reviews and success stories from real people:

If you want a life changing experience, then meet Ms. Wanda, she works wonder. Because of her, I learned to be more optimistic, more confident about myself, and start to believe that I can do all things simply by thinking that I can, then the mind and body will follow and automatically do the action. – Perla Caringian (Passed her architecture board examination and healed her phobia)

Ms. Wanda is a very effective teacher. An example of her teaching that I find very useful until now is the power of dream boards, time accounting, positive affirmations and other techniques. She also introduced the idea of listening to motivational speeches and that is what I do from time to time. I also learned how to utilize my mind to feel motivated, positive and goal-oriented. – Jan Anibigno (Top Notched her Certified Management Exams in Sep-Oct16 ranking 2nd out of 4,967 examiners around the world)Below is her picture when she received her Silver Medal Award in the US.


I am grateful for meeting Ms. Wanda. She really has a beautiful mind. She is like a lit candle that will slightly give lightness and then will cover the darkness. I felt like I was overhauled. Something that has broken in me has been repaired. I started to see or view life differently. I am more focused on the brighter side. My trust and relationship with our Creator have grown deeply. Then, it opens my whole being to a full positivity. I started to reach each and every dream I have been praying for. I have realized that GOD is already giving me the answer, it’s just that it was blocked. Covered by fears and a lot of negativity. I am really amazed at the results. The mind is powerful, that’s why GOD had placed it to the highest part of our body. You just need to control it with HIS Guidance. For me, Trust means believing. Believing means being ready to receive all the blessings. –  Miracel Castro Magat (Healed from death of a loved one, Got her dream job and dream baby girl)


You have inspired me to do my best. You always made me believe that everything is possible. You were always there giving me the full support. Thanking you is not enough. All my prayers will be with you. Praying for more success in your life and to your family.”-Ruth Gonzales (Got job promotion + Won 4 Awards in 5 months reaching up to DTAC level, a dream for every Toastmaster + Travelled her dream vacation)


Thank you, Miss Wanda, for sharing us your secret.I am forever grateful that God has sent us an Angel, Mentor and a good friend who inspires and supports us all the time.Thank you for sharing your positivity with us.You are such a blessing to us and to everyone.May our God continue to bless you..”  Mitch Macabudbud (Travelled her dream vacation, Got a new job and found a partner in life)