Think and Say Goodbye to Stress


Are you tired ?

Are You stressed?

The fact is that study of neuro science reveals that there is NO situation that can cause you stress.

Yes, nothing! Wonder why riding a roller coaster give happiness to someone and creates fear or anxiety to another. It is the same roller coaster running on the same speed.

The only difference is the emotion by each person riding the roller coaster.

stress kills

The truth is that your thoughts Create you – Your emotions define your life.

The good news is that YOU can control your thoughts therefore You can live the life you want.

Never let circumstances rule you but choose to take charge and rule your lives from within.

take charge of your thoughts

Do you want to live a stress free life?

Here are 4 simple Steps on how you can Say Goodbye to stress!

1) Choose to Let Go of the Stress As the famous frozen song goes ” Let it Go”. First, you need to Decide to let go of your negative “stress” emotions.

Letting go of stress will benefit you in many ways.

A stress free life means a healthier life.

Study reveals that 98% of disease is caused by stress – it is the nation’s number 1 killer.

Stress releases cortisol in your body, a harmful hormone that results in anxiety, depression, fatigue, sleep dusruption and much more.


If you are stressed, ask yourself what benefit will you get by holding the negative emotions in your body?

There is no benefit so Choose to let go, to forgive and to forget.

Ask for your brain to Release  stress and all the negative emotions in your body.  Imagine that picture of yourself living a stress free and peaceful life.

Surrender those stress thoughts and emotions to God.

Imagine those negative thoughts coming inside out of your mind and body and send it to trash for disposal.

god will make a way

2) Find the root cause of your stress

After deciding the Desire to let go of your stress, the next step is to find the root cause of your stress.

In any situation, you need to Find the root cause to Solve any problem

. problem

STOP and Ask yourself

Why am I stressed?

Who is giving me stress?

What gives me stress?

When am I peaceful?

Where do I find peace?

How can I manage stress?

Once you are clear on the reason of your stress and negative emotions, it is easier to find a solution.


3) Believe that you deserve a stress free life

You wished for a stress free life and are now aware of the reasons that are causing those negative emotions.

The next step is to believe that you deserve a stress free life. You need to believe that you deserve to live a calm and peaceful life.

Some people are addicted to stress, to perfection, to always be in control of everything.


As much as you want, you cannot change the world, you cannot change people or any situation.

Only you cAn control your thoughts and emotions.

Believe that you deserve to live a calm, peaceful and stress free life.

Use the power of your thoughts and words to prophecy and change your life


Here is an excerpt from one of my favorite books change your words to change your life.

Today and everyday, claim for patience.

God has clothed me with patience,

Even when I am under trying circumstances, I discipline my thoughts and deny myself of giving in to impatience and irritability.

Even when I am under strain, I will act with self control and calmness.

I will respond positively to situations instead of reacting negatively.

Instead of grumbling, I will speak praise. In God’s name.

4) Manage Stress

There is no progress without action so you need to act to manage your stress.

Remember that NO situation nor any person can give you stress.

NO situation or person can upset you unless you give that person the right to hurt you.

Below are simple ways to help you manage stress.

  • If hearing a person’s voice irritates you, imagine changing that voice to a sound of minion or any funny character of your choice. Changing the tone of the voice helps your mind to deal with the situation because it will change your emotional reaction.


  • If somebody shouts at you, shouting back won’t make you feel better. Choose to be calm because nobody wins in a heated argument. Breathing deeply or changing your position by standing up or sitting  or walking will calm you down.

be kind to unkind people

  • Before you sleep, recall all the bad memories that happened during the day.  Write it down then throw it away. Throw the paper and all the negative emotions that goes with it.


  • You may be the cause of stress for some people so choose the words that you use everyday.  Words can hurt or heal, what did yours do today?

Take note that People will not remember what you say but they will never forget how you made them feel so choose your words at all times.

think before u speak


I am a working mom with 2 toddlers. There are instances when i wish i could clone myself to manage both family and work commitments.

Yes, I get stressed too but I always pray and work hard to keep the balance in my life, to remain calm and peaceful no matter what.

I am truly blessed, grateful and thankful to God for sending me my friend and mentor Jule Fuller.  Her meditation programs help me to detox my mind from stress, negative thoughts and all harmful memories. You can check her page NoW to unwrap the present, enjoy every moment and live a peaceful and stress free life.

May God bless us all and may all our dreams come true.

Think and Follow Your Dreams



Do you have dreams?

Do you agree with what Eldo Thomas said that the poorest man on earth is not the one without money but the one without dreams?

People always talk about dreams but why does it really matter?

Here are 3 important reasons why dreams are important.

hold to your dreams

1) Dreams Give Direction to Your Life

When you dream, you have clarity of what you want to achieve. You have a clear picture in mind of what you want to happen. Because of this clarity of purpose, your mind, body and all your energy is focused to fulfill that dream. The universe also works on your favor as Paolo Coelho “When you want something, ALL the universe conspires in helping you achieve it.”

paolo coelho - universe

2) Dreams Open Your Life to Possibilities

Nothing is impossible and you have no limits but your life of possibilities will start when you have a dream. When you define your dreams and write your goals, you will start working towards it. Dreaming and writing gives a command to your mind and body to act. The thoughts you create and the actions you take are the ingredients that will bring you closer to your dreams. Believe that you can and remember what Walt Disney said, if you can dream it, you can do it.

dream it walt disney

3) Dreams Bring Happiness into your life

Dreams give you happiness in two folds. First when you visualize and see the vision of that beautiful future you are dreaming of, it gives  you a lot of joy and excitement. Second, when you reached your dreams, there is a sense of fulfillment and intense happiness because you succeeded. Start to visualize to materialize your dreams. Imagine and see that picture of your goals being achieved, feel the happiness in your heart and hear the voice of God telling you “You can do anything because I will give You strength”. Remember that everything is possible with God.


Remember that you are never too old to set another dream.

The things that we enjoy today are products of thoughts of those people who dreamed BIG.

There are too many to mention but here are some of the many dreamers who changed the history and whose dreams benefit all of humanity until today.

  • The Wright brothers dreamed of flying so airplanes were invented. This made flying to any part of the world possible.
  • Walt Disney’s dreamed of a clean, and organized amusement park brought us Disneyland, the happiest place on earth.
  • Thomas Edison dreamed of a lamp that could be operated by electricity that brought us incandescent light bulb.

But dreams does not come true overnight as Walt Disney said all our dreams can come true if we have the courage to pursue them.


Today and everyday, commit to yourself to Dream, Believe, Act, Persevere and You will definitely Achieve:)

dreams worth living


During my NLP master certification last July 2014, I dreamed of having my own personal website because I want to be a blessing to others. I drew a picture of the rainbow because my life is colorful – full of blessings and miracles and I want to share my positive faith to help others.

Instantly, God answered my prayers, my classmate from that training, Mary Ann Prudente helped me to make my “website” dream possible, big thanks to her and Big thanks to God for everything.

I have a big dream list and many of those are coming true because God make all things possible. He sent the right people and resources to my life.

Jule Fuller, my friend and mentor from Australia is another great blessing from God. Her audio programs helped me to direct my mind to visualize and achieve my dreams.  Her programs took me to a place I didn’t think were possible, you can check her website NoW and may her programs help you make your dreams come true.

Gods plan

I am blessed, grateful and thankful  because I know God’s dream for our lives is more rewarding and fulfilling that I ever dreamed and asked for. Today and everyday, I surrender and open our lives to Him because I know His  ways are better than our way and His plans are always bigger than our plans. 

May God bless you and make all your dreams come true.